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Time capsule utility
hardcase green

Prijs: € 45,00

Clamshell shockproof body

The curved clamshell shape of TIME CAPSULE is designed to absorb impact, shock will be evenly disseminated across the curved shape of the case, minimizing the direct impact to the content. With center of the case curved inward, it also better clamps a wrist watch when zipped. The interior space can fit up to 47mm Luminor Panerai watches.


Perfect room for earphones

Earphones with chords still deliver a high-fidelity audio experience unmatched by Bluetooth wireless technology, so from time to time we'd use the TIME CAPSULE case to protect the chords from being yanked broken in our bags, or chewed to pieces by our beloved pets (true story).


sac004green MG 0435 topXmasPhateLogo1920 sac004green MG 0437 sideZipper1920 sac004green MG 0439 interiorLining1920 sac004green MG 0440 sideOpenedEarphones1920 sac004green MG 0441 sideOpenedWatch1920


exterior diameter: 9cm
interior diameter: 6cm
height: 6.5cm

scuff-resistant Nylon external fabric
microfiber fabric lining

Package include:


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