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Mini Rider sling bag (vintage grey)

Prijs: € 195,00

MINI RIDER allows a new carrying style for bikers- “chest carry"- compared to other WOTANCRAFT bags with 3-point stabilization system.

You can wear MINI RIDER 180 degrees around, placing your essentials easily accessible at chest area, while not having too much bulk between your body and the gas tank.

Sling carry provides more comfort when the MINI RIDER is expanded and fully loaded.

With the 3-point stabilization system secured, the MINI RIDER will not slide forward when you lean down during your bike rides.

When travelling on-foot, you can choose to shoulder carry the MINI RIDER bag.


To release the full extent of MINI RIDER’s capacity, simply detach the leather fastener from the stud buckle. The expanded interior of the MINI RIDER can fit as much as an Leica M camera with lens attached, plus your daily essentials.

If you want to carry cameras with better protection, use the MAGICIAN camera wrap (optional accessory) half-enclosed, to act as a padded insert for your gear.


The interior back plate also features a hidden zippered pocket, with dimensions accommodating passports and boarding tickets. The exterior pocket is meant to be used as stash pocket, for small items such as keychains, card sleeve or coin changes.

When you are sprinting on a bicycle with your torso leaning down, the body of a shoulder bag can easily slide down to your belly, causing instability.

The common solution with an auxiliary strap for 3-point stabilization requires a quick release buckle, but we felt that it is too "modern" for our taste. WOTANCRAFT's auxiliary fastener uses thick leather, with small hook buckle attached at the end. The base end of the fastener will be buckled to the leather shoulder pad, with multiple holes for adjusting length, making sure that the auxiliary strap is not too tight or loose.

The auxiliary strap will wrap around the arm, stabilizing the bag to the upper back. This reduces the "bounce" when riding at high speed and the bicycle starts to bump, giving the rider more stability and focus.

Imagine a piece of military grade Cordura © fabric, without the synthetic glossiness and look more like cotton fabric, while capable of gradually developing water-washed fading effect.

This idea drove WOTANCRAFT into years of research, and finally in 2014 we came up with the W.A.L waxed canvas, replacing the previous heavy cotton-based wax canvas we used on bags.

Unlike most Cordura © based bags, WOTANCRAFT bag owners can enjoy the process of "bag aging".

The surface wax coating will develop scuff and crease marks with every usage, and throughout the years of using W.A.L canvas bags, we found out by surprise that the bag wears into a "cotton fabric bag" look.

The surface of the woven fiber offer uneven chance of wax grinding, the wax substance caught within the weave cavity will have different color depth against the wax that are physically ground.

This gives the W.A.L canvas surface a "denim-like" water washed color pattern with prolonged usage.

W.A.L stands for the 3 key functional features of the fabric: Water-resistant / Abrasion-resistant / Lightweight.

The font plate of MINI RIDER is covered by leather with unevenly corrugated surface, like calm waves in the sea. Such artistic feature is done with "hand crunching", a time consuming cowhide leather treatment performed by artisans in a small Italian tannery. You will never find 2 pieces of hand crunched leather with the same pattern.
We use the iconic WOTANCRAFT battle-distressed cowhide leather as accent.

The oil tanning process gives this leather more pliability, as well as providing an unique aesthetic effect:

when you bend the leather, the oil among the leather fibers will be squeezed and shift, causing the surface to manifest a temporary dual-tone color.


 vintage grey 2      




  • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)
  • expanded exterior: 21 x 11 x 14 cm
  • expanded interior: 20 x 9 x 13 cm
  • exterior zippered pocket: 20 x 12 cm
  • interior zippered pocket: 20 x 12 cm
  • weight ± 0.55 kg



  • vegetable tanned cowhide leather
  • W.A.L waxed canvas (Cordura © 500D based)
  • cotton fabric lining
  • high-strength zinc alloy & brass hardware
  • bronze YKK Zippers with rustproof coating
  • high-density EVA foam padding (back plate and inner pockets only)


Package include

  • main bag x1
  • detachable shoulder strap x1
  • detachable auxiliary strap x1
  • cotton dustproof bag x1