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Mini Rider sling bag
black leather

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Multiple carrying style

As a bag born out of motorcycle rider's EDC (everyday carry) needs, the MINI RIDER offers various carrying styles from shoulder-carry, sling-carry, to simply just hand-carrying the bag with the slim auxiliary strap.

One of the carrying style unique to MINI RIDER is "chest-carry", which is sling-carry turned around 180 degrees, placing your essentials easily accessible at chest area, while not having too much bulk between your body and the motorcycle gas tank.


3-point stabilization

When you are sprinting on a bicycle with your torso leaning down, the body of a shoulder bag can easily slide down to your belly, causing instability. The solution is using an auxiliary strap for 3-point stabilization.

WOTANCRAFT's auxiliary fastener uses thick cowhide leather, with multiple holes for adjusting length, making sure that the auxiliary strap is not too tight or loose. A small hook buckle is attached at the end.

When riding, clip the auxiliary strap to the "stud buckle" on the leather shoulder strap pad.

The auxiliary strap will wrap around the arm, stabilizing the bag to the upper back. This reduces the "bounce" when riding at high speed and the bicycle starts to bump, giving the rider more stability and focus.


Expandable storage space

MINI RIDER can be expanded with a simple detachment of leather strap fastener. The expanded interior can fit your daily essentials, even room for a rangefinder camera.

The interior back plate features a hidden zippered pocket, accommodating passports and boarding tickets.

The exterior pocket has a 3D cutting, for you to use as a spacious stash pocket.

If you want to carry cameras with better protection, use the MAGICIAN camera wrap (optional accessory) half-enclosed, to act as a padded insert for your gear. See "OPTIONAL COMBO" menu on the top and bottom of this page.


Interior Module compatible

The lining material is made of "medical grade microfiber", a Velcro-compatible material that allows you to freely attach WOTANCRAFT's Velcro-based "Interior Module" pocket accessories. You can select these Interior Module accessories from the "OPTIONAL COMBO" menu at the top/bottom of this page.

After mounting and tearing Velcro multiple times, WOTANCRAFT's microfiber lining doesn't develop torn frizzy surfaces like common Velcro loop fabrics. This "fiber retention" feature will increases the life span of Velcro cohesiveness for WOTANCRAFT bags.

We chose to apply "short hook" injection molded Velcro on our Interior Module system, as opposed to traditional "long hook" Velcro, to minimize tearing.


Battle-distressed cowhide

WOTANCRAFT’s vegetable-tanned full-grain cowhide leather has a distinctive battle-distressed look, which accentuates the bag with an “out of the ashes” antique vibe. When you bend the leather, the oil among the leather fibers will be squeezed and shift, causing the surface to manifest a temporary dual-tone color. This is called the "Pull-Up effect", which greatly enriches the character of our cowhide. Pull-up effect color shifts, leather patina development, coupled with the natural skin pores of thick full-grain leather… these remarkable features give our leather an iconic "vintage soul", which is like nothing you've seen in common chrome-tanned leather materials.


Velveteen lining

Soft velveteen fabric is used as lining for WOTANCRAFT’s premium full-leather bags, to deliver an exquisite sense of texture quality.

The smooth hand feel is superior to usual cotton canvas fabric, and the visual aesthetics is also more layered, calling to our inner desires for sensual comfort.


Ultra-tenacity Bonded Nylon

WOTANCRAFT knew from our camera bag making history that to build a reliable heavy duty bag, the generic poly or cotton based thread simply wouldn't hold.

We've adapted the "Bonded Nylon" thread commonly used for leather boots or saddles, a thread type based off the ultra tenacity Nylon 6,6 yarn with protective coating against chemical and elemental corrosion, designed for leather products that needs to sustain use and abuse.


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 Mini Rider black leather 18 Mini Rider black leather 19  Mini Rider black leather 20   DSC83781920




  • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)
  • expanded exterior: 21 x 11 x 14 cm
  • expanded interior: 20 x 9 x 13 cm
  • exterior zippered pocket: 20 x 12 cm
  • interior zippered pocket: 20 x 12 cm



  • vegetable tanned cowhide
  • Medical-grade microfiber, Velcro compatible
  • Velveteen fabric lining
  • high-strength zinc alloy & brass hardware
  • bronze YKK Zippers with rustproof coating
  • high-density EVA foam padding (back plate and inner pockets only)


Package include

  • main bag x1
  • detachable shoulder strap x1
  • detachable auxiliary strap x1
  • cotton dustproof bag x1