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Scout grijs

Prijs: € 191,20


  • Handmade: Hand treated by experienced Artisans. The bags are new but old. Through those complicated and delicate processes like washed, waxed, wrinkled, brushed, burned and distressed, every bag is absolutely distinct from one to one. After finished, the bag will be examined by professionals.

  • Style: From detail to detail, this bag was designed to be impeccable. Wax impregnated canvas, premium leather, YKK water-repellent zippers and light-weighted high-strength buckle.

  • Waxed canvas: With high density weaving techniques and impregnated Paraffin wax, WAL canvas spec 1,6 has great resistance to water and abrasion. It is the fabric which is very thick, strong but light and suits for all conditions.

  • Waterproof coating: The bag interior is covered with high quality waterproof material which provides the bag with great water-repellence. Also, the coating makes the interior smooth and low frictional. Great news for the stuff inside.

  • Pouch: Great abrasion/dust resistance and anti-tearing durability. The interior, fully covered with micro Velcro, provides unlimited spacing arrangements and no dead angle. Easy to use and clean.





Scout6 Scout7 Scout8  Scout9




  • Capacity: Pro SLRs X1, Lenses X2, Pro Flash X1, Accessories
  • Size (Exterior): 31(W)X 10(D)X 23(H) cm
  • Size (Interior): 30(W)X 9(D)X 22(H) cm
  • Strap Length: 90~130 cm
  • Outer Bag Fabric: Premium Genuine Leather, WAL Canvas spec 1.6, High- Strength Metal Buckle, YKK Zippers
  • Weight: 1.10kg
  • Color: Vintage grey / dark brown
  • This professional camerabag can also be used as a casual bag by removable compartments