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Nomad backpack 15L
Olive green

Prijs: € 269,00
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9L padded camera gear compartment (trapoziod bottom)
21 (rear width) x 12.5 (depth) x 38.5 (height) cm

With adjustable dividers to fit camera mounted on handheld tripod / GorillaPod, conveniently storing your vlogging setup

Built-in lightweight alluminum bars to hold structure, so that the L-shaped side zipper openings can open / close smoothly

Fitting with default dividers: 1 full-frame camera body + 3 lenses

Fitting with additional dividers: 1 full-frame camera body + 5 lenses


12 inch laptop / tablet compartment (back)
35 x 22 cm

Can fit the new 13 inch Macbook (CLICK HERE to compare Macbook sizes)


3L expandable rolltop, non-padded
Expanded height 15 cm

Flexible storage of clothes & travel items


3L frontal storage space, non-padded

Fits your flip-flops or undergarments


Hidden left & right "wing" pockets
30 x 14 cm (triangular)

Opening facing inwards to avoid attention, large enough to fit 500ml wine bottle


Open-ended 500ml water bottle pocket
11 x 15 x 4 cm

Hidden passport pocket (front)
18 x 12.5 cm

Luggage handle bar slot (center back)
21 cm wide

MOLLE strap loops
3 cm wide

Left & right shoulder strap: 4 vertical loops at each side

Left opening lid: 6 vertical loops

Right opening lid: 3 vertical loops


Chest / sternum strap, removable
34cm max.

± 1.4 kg



Expandable from 9L to 15L, divided into 3 separate spaces (main 9L + top 3L + front 3L) for flexible organization of travel items & camera gear

Low-key backpackers' best choice, all zippers and pockets are hidden under the hood, with magnetic side panels hiding the main L-shaped zipper opening

Backpack size conforms to airline's carry-on luggage size restrictions (CLICK HERE to see carry-on luggage size chart)

Travel-friendly designs including side grab handles, luggage handle bar slot, hidden passport pocket, exceptionally wide shoulder straps, and air-venting back plate with perforated EVA padding

When backpack is loaded over 10kg, you can add the optional "padded waist strap" for shifting 80% of the backpack weight from shoulders to waist. CLICK HERE to see the optional combo menu

For outdoor hiking, the simple rolltop design and water-repellent canvas can sustain heavy rain or snow

Quickly access camera gear through large L-shaped side zipper opening, without having to set the backpack down first

360 degrees Velcro compatible lining for flexible divider placements (CLICK HERE to order additional divider plates to better compartmentalize your camera and lenses)

Dividers have flexible "wings" to fit vlogging gear, camera + handheld tripod can fit directly into the backpack

You can order Velcro-based add-on pockets (Interior Modules) to further organize your bag interior ( CLICK HERE to see optional combo menu)

To achieve the iconic WOTANCRAFT vintage look, hook buckles are made of brass metal with matte black coating, which develops a gradient fading with use, like a vintage Leica camera




Nylon 6,6 yarn Cordura ® 500D tear-proof waxed canvas(click to see more)

Ultra-strength bonded Nylon 6,6 thread

Medical grade durable micro-fiber lining, less likely to fuzz after Velcro attachments

Alluminum bars

Brass metal hook buckles, matte black coating

YKK reinforced plastic slider buckles

high-density EVA foam padding (for bag & dividers)

YKK Aquaguard zippers

Magnets (left & right side panel)



Package Include

main bag x1

detachable chest / sternum strap x1

large divider x2

small divider x2

cotton dustproof bag x1

NOTE: waist strap and tripod holder is NOT included


Camera / Gear Compartment
(bottom half of the main compartment)
9 Litres

Fits full frame camera x1
lenses x5
(with additional dividers)
15 Litres

Fits full frame camera x2
lenses x6
(with additional dividers)
Laptop Compartment (back) 35 x 22 cm

Fits 12" Laptop / 13" MBP (4th gen)
41 x 26 cm

Fits 13" Laptop / 15" MBP (4th gen)
Expandable Rolltop
(top half of the main compartment)
3 Litres

Clothes For 1 Day
5 Litres

Clothes For 3 Days
Front Flap Storage Compartment 3 Litres

Sandles / Flipflops
5 Litres

Sport Shoes
Hidden Wing Pockets Pockets 30 x 14 cm

Fits 500ml Water Bottle
32 x 17 cm

Fits 750ml Water / Wine Bottle
Side Water Bottle Pocket O O
Hidden Passport Pocket O O
Luggage Handle Slot O O
MOLLE Strap System O O
Chest Strap (removable) O O
Weight 1.4 kg 1.7 kg
Gear Storage Comparison NOMAD 15L NOMAD 25L
Full Frame DSLR with Battery Hand Grip X O
Horizontally fitting camera + 70-200mm Lens X O
Foldable Drone (e.g. DJI Mavic 2) O O
Unfoldable Drone (DJI Phantom 4) X X